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Work + You, are they in sync?

Separating personal life and work is a healthy idea, one that might be taken all too seriously. Understanding who you are, and actually accepting that person, is a hard battle no doubt, but examining who you are at work, and how it all comes together, is quite another. They both can be taxing, but in my mind, necessary.

It can’t get any clearer, you need to make money to pay bills, buy things you want, help others…. whatever you wish to do with your hard-earned cash is up to you, however, shouldn’t you care about how you make it, or at least make sense of the connection you have with your job? Doesn’t it seem strange to put forth an enormous amount of your life into something you don’t give a crap about? If not for you, maybe for the people you impact at your job.

Full circle happiness, is it really a thing? I believe so, and I think it includes loving yourself deeply, keeping healthy in a way that harbours who you are, and giving your best out in the world, which includes the work you do. Don’t disregard the importance of the “job” you are in, don’t cast your work aside, and lastly, make the most of the impact you exude in your personal world and your work world.

If you want to dig deeper into how I help people in this area, reach out. It costs nothing to meet and learn more about each other.

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