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How will you ever get up after you fall?

It is no secret, the highs don't last forever, the party can't continuously rage on. Peaks and valley's they say. But how does one get back to the peak? You just made the climb, why should you have to do it again? This sucks. What's the point?

I'm not here to tell you the magic trick to crawling out of this "valley", or the five things that are going to snap you out if it, what foods to eat etc... We are all different and respond to low times differently. What I do know is that you MUST do it. Not just for your health, but to reclaim your preservation of strength, to take your learning from the fall to the next level, to rise above the battle you lost.

Don't feel foolish to sit in this valley and reflect, it's okay, don't feel ashamed you're not bouncing right back up; there is something to be said for letting your experience sink in, letting the emotions rain over you. By staying vulnerable in these moments is where your best learning will come. If you always carry the protective shell, how will you know what it is like to truly feel? From here you find the light, it may be a small ray, or an all encompassing beam, but whatever it is for you, from there, you start the crawl. It isn't going to be fast, but believe me, the peak will be transformed when you get to the top again.

Peaks and valleys - life is full of them. So do your best to understand them for what they are, as there is many lessons in both. Keep pushing, the rewards are amazing.

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