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People Paperwork Package

Alignment of values and structure is very important when it comes to information you are giving employees.  In this package I help link the current paperwork for your people to who you are as a company, and create new paperwork if needed.

Step One: Meeting of the Minds

1 x 90mins meeting to  talk about your vision for the employee information, the current paperwork you have for employees, what needs to be created.

Step Two: First Draft Creation

From the information received in the meeting I will develop the first round of people paperwork and design an organization plan to store and keep files up to date and cohesive.

Step Three: Ironing it Out

This stage will require input from both sides to ensure that all of the details are being met, and the vision is being executed appropriately.  There will be meetings, emails and questions I'm sure.


Step Four: Project Completion

1 x 60mins meeting to wrap-up the project and make sure it is finalized and the client is happy.  

Examples of People Paperwork

Interview Packages

New Hire Packages

Training Manuals

Disciplinary Action Forms & Steps

Development Plans

Performance Review Forms

Daily Task Processes

Staff Meeting Agendas

Job Descriptions

Mission and Vision Statements

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