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Forcing something that isn't there

The idea you began with seemed so amazing. As it was pouring out of you, you knew it was the right thing, it had to be. So much of who you are and how you wanted to send it out to the world was embedded in its deepest roots. The energy releasing itself as the words and visions transferred from mind to page was exhilarating. This was it, the moment you had been waiting for.

When the birth of this idea came into the real world, you were not prepared for the bombardment of other people and ideas that would be hurled at you, your choice or not. This is when the conflicting thoughts start picking at you, slowly at first. You try your best moves to stop them, and it seems to work okay, but your intentions aren't strong enough, and so the the picking ramps up speed. From here the most detrimental thought slowly makes it way to you, one that can morph the vision you are so proud of, and haven't seen come to life yet. "Maybe I should change up what I am doing?". And there you have it, the seed of doubt in your plan.

As you toggle back and forth about how the change would look and what you would do, something is quite noticeable, the feeling beneath the surface is not like it was before, no fire, no passion, no attachment to these new thoughts. It isn't like it was with the first idea, and so begins an inner monologue about why change if you don't want to. You haven't even given the idea a chance to grow. Ideas are everywhere in this world, and everyone has an opinion to make things better, but maybe, having patience and not forcing yourself to make moves before you've seen more outcomes, will serve you well. It takes time for great things to flourish.

Stand fierce in your ground when you make a decision you believe in. Be patient and listen to others. Taking all the advice isn't necessary, but some of it may be useful as a guide and for learning. Most important, don't force yourself down another path if the desire is simply not there. Doubt will always try and curl its fingers around you, but there are ways to beat it; Patience and a strong belief in you and your idea.

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