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Image by Simone Dalmeri

Why Am I Doing This?

My name is Tracey Duquette and I have spent 28 years in the hospitality industry, 15 years of it in management, but all of it with people.  I came to realize great individuals are the reward, not the money, the money will come if your team is solid in themselves and their job.  Both are crucial.  My passion to help others be meaningful in their work role is something I love to do, and want to do for a living.  My hope is that people see my business as a way to help them achieve this by working together.

My intentions are very simple – To help turn our attention to the people around us.  To create an environment of value and respect, one which allows individuals to flourish and be a part of something meaningful.  Having people in the right roles and engulfed in a culture where they are seen for whom they are, and not just what they produce, makes all the difference.

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