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Who is she and what does she do?

Hi, I am Tracey, the woman behind Duquette Consulting. I thought I would share a bit about who I am this time around. Maybe you want to know, maybe you do not, but hey, here goes nothing.

Hailing from the small, but beauty of a town with a crazy long name in Ontario, Penetanguishene was where my journey started. My affinity for work began at the age of twelve, what the hell! Lanky, with brown hair, freckles, and big brown eyes, I started work flipping and wrapping burgers down the street from my childhood home, I could speed wrap a burger like nobody’s business. My next role was at a Greek restaurant called the Riv Bistro. I got paid in tips and gloriously delicious food. This is where I fell in love with saganaki cheese and tartufo. Colour me interested.

I don’t want to bore you with the long, drawn out details of everything that happened after the world of cheese and wonder, so I’ll make it brief. While attending the University of Windsor, Ontario gaining a degree in communications, I continued working in the food and beverage industry. It was when I moved to Vancouver, which came to fruition by dropping the provinces into a beat-up hat, and with closed eyes, picked out my fate of British Columbia, that I began my career in management.

Star-swipe to today, where I have 28 years of the food and beverage industry under my belt, and 15 of them managing people. What began as pure interest, grew into a passion that I have poured my heart and soul into. Helping people understand who they are in their work role, and supporting them in their journey to get there, is nothing short of amazing, no matter how hard it was, can, or still will be.

Anyway, my name is Tracey Duquette, and I began this business to make it okay to get help from the outside. To make it okay to sit down and answer some hard questions. To step back and see how you can make the people around you better. It just takes an open mind, which is seemingly harder to find as the days go by.

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