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What's the point if YOU aren't invested

Let’s go back to the beginning of the work place, to a time where your problems couldn’t be solved with little or no involvement from you. Where you had to figure it out. Where you had to be better. While I am sure we can all appreciate systems, policies and technique in the workplace, what seems to be lacking is people taking time to look at themselves in their own roles at work, a place which has you investing so much of your life. Finding the right people; really finding them, means putting effort into who they are and if their values, passion and goals fit into the business you are running.

The gap between leaders and their employees seems to be growing. I am not blaming anyone as work is busy, it’s stressful and, in these most chaotic times, overwhelming, it is hard to be everything to everyone. Mostly what I am trying to saying, is that we must find a way to create a connection with people by digging into who they are and why they come to this job each and every day. We need to do it in a more personal way rather than having them watch a video, read a booklet, or go to a training seminar with multiple people. These can be useful tools for sure, but for a more triggered purpose. What I am talking about is real one on one development that is built with meaning and has intention.

I am proposing that this development starts with the owner/general manager and makes its way down the line so the connection flows and everyone is working in sync. Once that happens then other styles of learning like the ones mentioned above, will be welcomed and looked upon with excitement. Does it take time. Yes. Will it be easy. Probably not every step of the way. But will it help pave a path for a future where someone feels involved in their work community, understands the values of the business, and most importantly, is connected to what they do. Absolutely.

I am not claiming to be an HR guru, but what I do know, is in my 15 years of management, all of it with people, I came to realize great people are the reward, not the money, the money will come if your team is solid in themselves and their job, both are crucial. My passion to help others be great in their work role is something I love to do, and want to do for a living. My hope is that people see my business as a stepping stone to help them achieve this.

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