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Vulnerability and change; a pair to be reckoned with

Thinking outside the box. Trying something new. Does seeking help make you look like a bad a leader? Quite the opposite actually.

Sure, you have worked really hard for years, chipping away at becoming great at your craft, learning all you can, absorbing all the bits and pieces. You’re the leader now, you should have the answers, why wouldn’t you, you have been doing this for years. We live in a world where, for some, this mentality has been deeply rooted into their view of leadership. A sense that you should know it all, and if you don’t, or you need to ask for guidance, you will look like a failure.

Leaders have an important role, one that carries a lot of responsibilities, many of which can be overwhelming and hard. There is a driving force to always be the best, make no mistakes, and run a tight ship. What if the captain of the ship needs help, but won’t ask, or maybe doesn’t even see that they do. How do you break through that barrier?

The best leaders are the ones who understand what it means to be self aware, but actually follow through with what needs to be mended. Knowing that there will be many mistakes, but looking at what can change. That asking for help is a sign of great strength, not weakness. It is a commitment to yourself and your team to always be striving to be better, not only in business, but as people. Being uncomfortable is a sign of growth, it means your close to uncovering something important. Being a strong leader requires you to take a leap of faith sometimes and be vulnerable. Yes, it’s not easy to do this, but the outcome will be everchanging for you and those around you.

I am here to help leaders feel supported in who they are and create positive, and effective change for themselves and their team. I’m taking an old idea and making it new again. Take a step in a different direction, who knows what the possibilities could be. I’d love to talk with you more. Click the link below, what do you have to lose?

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