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Verbal Vomit = Value

Sorry to put that vision in your mind, but I promise, I am going somewhere with this.

For most of us, we wake each day, go to work, do what we need to do. The mind switches from personal to the job; the thing in your life that makes you money. The hub where you have invested so much of your time whether you are running the business, or working as part of the team. Day ends, repeat.

What would happen if a curveball got thrown in the mix? What if you got the chance to speak about who you are at work and why you go to this job each and every day. A chance to break down how you feel about your contribution to the business, and the people around you. An opportunity to dig deep into your role and come out the other side with a plan, one that truly reflects your connection to your role and how you see yourself growing.

Verbal Vomit = Value, because the equation works. Bringing to life feelings and words that have been laying dormant. Getting the mind swirling and igniting purpose in a different way. It is amazing what will happen when meaningful questions are asked, the words seem to have a life of their own, and setting them free starts a whole new fire inside you.

My new business has designed packages to do the above if you are open to trying. I believe it is a different way of creating connection in the workplace. So, lets try out the equation and see what you think. Below is the link to my 3 Packages – they are titled “Digging Deep”.

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