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Time and honesty – hands of trickery well played

It’s the new year and this realization hurls us into a panic; the crippling idea that life is passing us by. The questions come rapidly. What am I doing with my life? Am I good enough? Do I make enough money? Do I have enough friends? It is a firing squad of doubt and uncertainty.

The grasping of time really has no bearing, or at least shouldn’t, on our lives if it isn’t attached to our honesty. Time can be filled with many things, but do they make you happy? It seems useless to compare your time to things you have accomplished if they weren’t what you desired in the first place. Doesn’t it seem strange to let time guide us, when in fact, if we were honest with ourselves, we could create time to be on our side. A new found friend.

What would it be like to participate in actions and thoughts that help us be nourished from

the inside and just be kinder? It’s actually one of the hardest things to do and takes time, a lot of it, especially when attaching progression to status, money and recognition get in our way. When we get down to brass tax, bare bones, the nitty gritty, if you will, those things simply pale in comparison to being an honest and kind soul.

Time can present a façade of trickery on the surface, but can be beautiful once understood. So, which piece of time will you endure this year?

Welcome to 2021! Let me know if you want to dive further into what my new biz is all about.

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