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The need for speed, but where are we going?

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Why are we in a rush? Is it because we are afraid time will run out, or that we are going to miss something? Have we even thought about what happens when we reach our destination?

Everything can be ours at a drop of a hat these days, which is very appealing indeed, but we are paying the price with surrendering our patience, a virtue that is so very important to understanding what time has to offer. There is no question that life does move quickly, but this doesn’t mean we must keep up. The pressure not to be left behind, to go faster, be better, is mounting at a significant rate, but does this philosophy really have our best interest at heart? I’m starting to think not.

Amongst this need for speed, people don’t realize that continuing to hit the “gas” so to speak, we are giving in to the very idea that the more you do, the better life will be. We are losing sight of the mere fact that embracing time, and slowing down, actually is more beneficial to our well being. What happened to steady as she goes, and being okay with taking it slow to get to a place where you feel okay with who you are? Taking time for what it is, and what it has to offer, is harder than ever these days, but the benefits are far greater than reaching a destination so fast you don’t even know why you’re there.

If you’re interested, take a look at two programs I created based on taking time to carve out a path designed for you. Why not start slowing things down now. It’s never to late to let off the gas while the car is still running.

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