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The fog is thick and cumbersome...What do I do?

You’re feeling good about what you want for a career, things are shaping up and you’re ready to face whatever life throws at you; energy at an all time high. But as the endorphins slow down, the confidence is fleeting, and you soon find yourself doubting this strength, and your ability to make it through the hustle to achieve your dream, but wait, there’s more. The plan, what is it, everyone should have a plan shouldn’t they? Maybe you’re not cut out for this career thing after all.

The thoughts, and there are so many, burst into your mind creating a fireworks sensation, and just as one has extinguished, another is ignited. Before you know it, a thick fog has blanketed your mind. The strong, fearless person you started with is now mixed up and confused. How does one get to the other side of this dense wall?

Not knowing exactly what you want to do for a career is absolutely normal, but still, no matter what anyone tells you, it is a tough place to be. Sorting through your education, skills, natural talents, values, hopes and dreams is a complex puzzle, but it is yours to put together. Navigating this is one thing, but dealing with the voice of doubt is quite another.

The fog CAN dissipate with clarity. This evaporation comes in different forms for everyone, but I believe that each of us can benefit from talking to others openly to gain perspective. Looking at where you are in your life now, who you are at this moment, and examining the skills you have obtained up to this point, is important. Trying to sort it all out on your own doesn’t need to be the only way. Putting all the scattered pieces together won’t necessarily be easy, but is definitely worth it.

In the end, we must be true to the person beneath it all. As humans we tend build layers of protection on top of the beauty we started with. With more layers comes a great separation from the wonderful individual you are. It is possible to keep this beauty and have a career.

Check out one of my packages called Clearing the Fog. Designed for those who want help with their puzzle. One month, 5 one on one sessions. A thoughtful journey built around questions to help map out what the next steps are for you. Clearing the mind and setting some goals.

The link below will taking you to the Digging Deep section of my website where this package, and 3 others reside. Take a look and thanks for reading!

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