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Assumptions - Keeping doors closed that might be best opened

It’s easier to make assumptions than confront the real issue, right? Maybe you’d be better going down a path of worry without knowing the truth behind the words or thoughts of someone else. How about when the suggestion of learning something new for yourself, or for business comes up, but you assume you don’t need it, you got it all figured out. What I’m trying to say is that we as humans tend to create our own reasoning without knowing all the facts. Sometimes this is a defense mechanism, and other times it’s ego.

When something new is presented to you or your business that could possibly help, what do you do? Do you research more and ask questions to dive in deeper, or do you assume it’s not what you need and brush it aside? How do you know if something can really benefit you, or your business, if you simply dismiss it based on assumptions? There might be an opportunity for growth right before you, and all you must do is find out a bit more. The worst that can happen is you meet someone new (maybe other ways besides in person these days) and learn about a business, or technique, you didn’t know existed. I’m not saying every instance needs to be addressed this way but paying attention to the ones you don’t really understand, or have knowledge in, is a great start.

Assumptions can strip people of telling their side of the story and take away someone’s chance to explain what they have to offer. It keeps doors closed that might be better open. In this life you never know what might happen, so let’s get the story straight; lets learn instead of thinking we already know.

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